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Mummy's Market Baby Fair October 2023

Oct 17,2023 | WODE Disinfectants

WODE has once again joined Mummy’s Market this October! Aside from our usual 20% discount for our à la carte items, subscription plans (which you can get free gifts with if bought during Mummy’s Market), and our usual Bundles, we have also brought back our Bundle of Joy for this Mummy’s Market event!

Our Bundle of Joy is a special deal exclusive to young mummies with children below 2 years old. Our Bundle of Joy includes three bundles of disinfectants, with prices are up to 40% off! Many of our pre-existing and new customers have pre-ordered or bought our Bundle of Joy! If you meet our criteria and are interested in trying out our products, you can always follow us on Instagram to keep a lookout for our next Bundle of Joy or subscribe to our newsletter! (In fact, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you can access our Baby Fair deals much earlier than the date itself!)

Our Bundle of Joy

Bundle A

  • One 20ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray
  • One 80ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray
  • One 250ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray

Bundle B

  • One 20ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray
  • One 80ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray
  • One 250ml AIR disinfectant humidifier

Bundle C

  • Two 20ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray
  • Two 80ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray
  • One 250ml Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray
  • One 250ml AIR disinfectant humidifier

As usual, we managed to introduce many new customers to our product. Our new customers got to learn about the myriad of ways that our hypochlorous acid disinfectants can be used. They have learned that WODE can be used as a disinfectant for skin and surfaces (even your baby’s stroller!), as an antiseptic for wounds, and as a mouthwash! WODE is also effective for sanitizing baby bottles (after washing), which surprised many new customers.

Some customers are also concerned about finding products suitable for eczema/sensitive skin or products that are alcohol-free. Our product is perfect for those who have these concerns! WODE only contains hypochlorous acid (which is naturally produced by our immune system) and does not irritate the skin at all, while eliminating 99.9999% bacteria on the skin. If you are looking for a disinfectant product that does not irritate the skin and is also effective against pathogens, WODE will be perfect for you!

Our Lucky Draw

We also have a special event, where we collaborated with multiple vendors such as Baby by Jitta, Mum Bakes, BabyExpress, PHS Hair Science, Baby Fly, and Baby Whisper. For every $80 spent, our customers get a chance to draw a ticket to win freebies or vouchers from our partners or us.

Some vouchers in the lucky draw include a free argan oil voucher from PHS Hair Science, discount vouchers from BabyExpress, a bundle deal from Mum Bakes, etc. Some of our customers received additional freebies from us, such as our AIR disinfectant humidifier, our Mum & Baby Sprays, Mini Mist, etc. The most significant item one can win from our lucky draw is a WODE Water filter, which costs $399 at the normal price (one of our customers managed to win a water filter!).

A picture of a customer who won WODE Water Filter

At every Baby Fair, we are always ready to bring out our unique event. July Baby Fair had a Mystery Balloon, and now October Baby Fair has a lucky draw. Look out for our next Baby Fair in anticipation of our great deals and special events!

Be our Member

We are also rolling out new membership programs for our customers, so you can save more while getting more benefits when purchasing with us! This membership program applies to purchases on both our online store and our physical events. 

Our Membership Tiers

For the next 3 months after our Baby Fair, customers who purchase during this period will also get up to five times the normal number of points for their purchases. The points earned can be used to exchange for free shipping vouchers or discount vouchers. If you want more savings while enjoying WODE, join our membership program NOW!

Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to get more updates from us! See you soon at our next Baby Fair event and stay safe with WODE!