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Shower Treasure

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Shower treasure
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Children Safe
24-month Shelf Life

"Don't use your body as a water filter" - Love your body


  • Protect your hair and skin 
  • Clean your water
  • Removes Chlorine
  • Good for showering your baby.
  • Purifies the water

 Material: Ceramic ball inside the filter

Helps to remove odor and prevent colour loss by removing the chlorine from water through degradation effect of ceremic balls. 

1) Removes rust, harmful substance concentrations and residual chlorine in tap water 
Sand, sediment, and debris can come from the water lines that supply your water from the city. In addition, showering in chlorinated water can produce harmful effects for your skin and hair.

2) Extremely simple and easy. 
It's very simple to install the filter system wherever you want to, with. Changing filters is also very easy. Just screw open the cap and change only the inner filter after 1 to 3 months of usage.

3) High capacity filter. 
Standard for family of four, the average replacement of a filter is approx. 1~3 months.

4) Good for your skin and hair.
Removes rust and harmful substances in water for your shower. Also helpful for relieving atopic diseases, as well as preventing dry skin and hair.