The POWERFUL ingredient in WODE Disinfectant


WODE Disinfectant production

The raw materials used to manufactured WODE disinfectants are iodised salt and pure water. Through the process of controlled electrolysis of iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is produced. HOCl is the germicidal ingredient in WODE disinfectant due to its strong reducing power.

What is HOCl? 

HOCl is our body’s germ killer. Our immune system protects us against disease by detecting pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and worms. The immune system defends our body by triggering respiratory burst of neutrophils (white blood cells), releasing hydrogen peroxide and other reactive oxygen species. Myeloperoxidase, an enzyme abundant in neutrophils, produces HOCl from hydrogen peroxide in the presence of chloride anion. HOCl is then used by neutrophils to kill pathogens.

HOCl  has been approved by U.S. Food and drug administration for use in wound, eye, veterinary care products. Hospitals in Japan has use HOCl to disinfect and Covid-19 drive thru testing station in South Korea uses HOCl disinfectant in their clean zone booth for nurses to fully disinfect before going home. Local swimming pools also use HOCl to disinfect pool water. Singapore National environmental agency has included WODE disinfectant water as household product adequate for surface disinfection of covid-19 virus.

What are the benefits of WODE hand and body, mum and baby disinfectants over alcohol hand sanitizers?

  • No alcohol – not drying or irritating or cause cracked skin even after prolong use.
  • No harm/pain when use on injured skin. Aids to disinfecting wounds.
  • Free of harmful chemical, non-toxic, gentle – suitable for even babies and pets.
  • Fragrance free
  • Can be use for arms or legs for disinfecting purposes. Soft surface sanitization is possible with WODE.
  • No sticky feeling after application

Why should you switch your household cleaning agent to WODE GP disinfectants?

HOCl is the most powerful oxidising agent among the chlorine disinfectant family. WODE disinfectants are tested to be fasting acting in killing 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs in seconds. Using WODE household disinfectant do not required you to wear protective equipment such as eye googles, mask and gloves during cleaning, unlike using bleach which is corrosive and harmful to skin. No toxic fumes or harmful by-products is produced during and after cleaning. WODE has no fragrance, thus it suitable for individuals with respiratory issues. Individuals with respiratory issues should avoid scented bleach. Using WODE disinfectant does not require you to ventilate the area as there is no potential chemical or health hazard. WODE disinfectants provides a safe environment for children and pets after cleaning as no harmful chemicals are left behind on the floor or surface sanitized. Soft surface disinfectant is made possible with WODE when washing is unavailable.




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