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WODE Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray 50ml

WODE Mum & Baby Disinfectant Spray 50ml

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Kills 99.9999% of Bacteria in SECONDS



Disinfects against Viruses, Eliminates Odour, Cleanses Hand & Body, Disinfects the Surrounding Air, Child-Friendly, Non-Toxic.

WODE Disinfectant Spray is produced through the process of controlled, electrolysis which yields a high % of HOCI. HOCI, similar to our immune system's "natural disinfectant", enhances the effectiveness of an external disinfectant.  

INGREDIENTS:  Reverse Osmosis Pure Water and lodised Salt.   

DIRECTIONS:  Spray directly on hand or skin surface, rub gently. No rinsing required.  

DISINFECTS & KILLS BACTERIA: Kills 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses including pathogenic micro-organisms.

ELIMINATES ODOUR:  WODE Disinfectant Spray significantly removes odour arising from perspiration.

CLEANSES: WODE Disinfectant Spray is so gentle, effective and convenient that it can be used as a day-to-day cleanser for skin surface and wounds (used in conjunction with dry wipes). Can also be used on disinfecting purposes.