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Our HOCl

What are the ingredients used to produce WODE HOCl disinfectants?

The ingredients used in WODE HOCl disinfectants are iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water. Through the process of controlled electrolysis of iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is produced.

Does WODE HOCl have an expiry date?

Yes, WODE has a shelf life of 24 months. However, we recommend using any of our products within 6 months once opened/used. 

Where is WODE HOCl produced?

WODE HOCl is founded by Leben Wasser (S) Pte Ltd and manufactured in Singapore. We produce our own HOCl, which allows us to have better formulation in our products.

How to use WODE HOCl

What can WODE HOCl be used for?

WODE disinfectants can be used in countless applications. This includes hand sanitizers, baby hygiene, food hygiene, antiseptic, antifungal spray, pets’ hygiene, and many more.


We have 5 different series, with the same ingredients but different formulations. Each series has a specific function and is meant for different people and uses. Generally, you can use WODE disinfectants as a hand sanitizer.

How do I use WODE HOCl products?

Spray directly on the hand or skin surface and rub gently. No rinsing is required. Spray on common bacteria accumulation areas like toys, play pen, chairs, stroller, toilet seat cover, potty seat chopping board, knives, etc. Wipe away residues after 10 minutes for metal surfaces.

How often can I apply the disinfectant spray?

You can apply WODE disinfectant as much as you want, wherever and whenever you want. WODE disinfectants are non-irritant and do not dry out the skin, even with consistent usage. 

What is the contact time for WODE HOCl?

WODE HOCl effectively kills germs, bacteria and viruses within seconds. However, it is also acceptable to leave it on the surface for longer times.

How safe is WODE HOCl

Is WODE HOCl safe?

WODE HOCl has passed Singapore Food Agency’s water toxicity test for Mineral / Spring / Drinking Water Quality. This means that it is totally safe around your eyes, nose, and mouth as well as accidental ingestion. However, even though it is safe for consumption, it is not meant for drinking purposes.  WODE HOCl disinfectant has been tested rigorously in different laboratories both in Singapore and overseas and is proven to be strongly effective against bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Is WODE HOCl food-contact safe?

Yes. There is no need to wipe or rinse as WODE HOCl has passed as mineral-water grade. This means that it is safe, even if WODE HOCl come into contact with your food and consumption along with it.

Can I use WODE HOCl during pregnancy?

Yes, WODE HOCl is safe for use during pregnancy as our ingredients are non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals, alcohol free, fragrance free and non-irritating. It is also non- flammable to prevent any hazards.

Can I use WODE HOCl if my skin is sensitive?

Yes, WODE HOCl is non-irritating to skin as our ingredients are non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals, alcohol free, fragrance free. Even with frequent and prolonged use, it will not cause itch or redness, unlike conventional alcohol sanitizer which may cause dry/ cracked skin.

Storing WODE HOCl

How can I keep/store my WODE disinfectants?

Store disinfectants in original WODE HOCl packaging for best results. Keep them in cool, dry places. Do not expose products to heat or leave it in the sun. Do not pour excess liquid into the refill pack to avoid contamination.

Can I store WODE HOCl in my own containers or bottles?

Yes. But please only use a opaque bottle or container and stored in a cool dry place.

Can I mix WODE HOCl with other products?

Please do not mix WODE HOCl with any other ingredients. WODE HOCl will lose it disinfectant properties when mixed with anything.

Can WODE HOCl be refilled?

Yes. We have refills for all our series.


General info about WODE HOCl Disinfectants

Is there a difference between the different series?

All of our product series are made with the same ingredients, just with different formulations to meet the needs of the user. Such as for our GP series, we use a stronger formulation as it is meant to clean hard surfaces while the Hand & Body series is formulated better for body use.

What is the difference between the Mum & Baby Series vs Hand & Body Series?

The Mum & Baby series is meant for children aged 2 years old and below while the Hand & Body is meant for anyone above the age of 2 years old. The Mum & Baby is gentler on the skin while the Hand & Body is slightly stronger. Both have the same ingredients but with different formulations for different applications.

GP Series

What is GP series and what can it be used for?

GP stands for general purpose. Our GP series contains a higher concentration of free active chlorine for stronger surface cleaning such as in the toilet, kitchen, sofas, and other high bacteria areas.

Is GP series safe?

Yes, our GP series is still made with the same ingredients even though there is a higher concentration. It is still safe around your eyes, nose and mouth and is non-toxic, free of harmful chemicals, alcohol free, fragrance free and non-irritating. It is also non- flammable to prevent any hazards.

PETS Series

Are there any harmful effects on my pet if WODE Pets disinfectant comes into contact with my pet’s eyes, mouth or wound or my hands?

No. The ingredients used in WODE Pets disinfectants are iodised salt and reverse osmosis pure water. Thus, there are no harmful effects even if WODE HOCl comes into contact with your pet’s skin, eyes, mouth or wounds. It is also safe for owners of Pets and children even if WODE Pets comes in contact with our skin.

Can I use WODE Pets on my pet if it is pregnant?

Yes, WODE Pets disinfectant is safe for pregnant Pets.

Can my pet use WODE Pets if it has sensitive skin or open wounds?

Yes. WODE Pets disinfectant will not irritate pets’ skin or cause pain to any open wounds as it is very gentle. Furthermore, HOCl in WODE can help to disinfect wounds and aid in its healing process. HOCl can effectively kill bacteria or viruses hidden in pets’ fur, preventing itch, allergies, or infections. No rinsing is required.

WODE Air Bottle Humidifier

Please click on the link below for the online manual (English) of the WODE Air Bottle Humidifier. The manual covers operating instructions, cleaning and maintenance, common troubleshooting, and warranty information.


WODE Air Bottle manual

How long can WODE Air last?

The diffuser can release between 25ml to 30ml per hour. It can last between 8 to 10 hours of usage. However, there is a timer in each diffuser which will auto shut off after 1 hour of continued usage.

Where can I use WODE Air?

You can use it in babies’ rooms, disinfect the air in your car, or in any room that you wish to disinfect its air.

How long do I need to operate WODE Air each time?

This may vary depending on the size of the room, but in most cases, we recommend turning it on for 30 mins each use.

How often should we use WODE Air?

This may vary based on your preferences, but we recommend using it once a day.

Disinfection devices

Is there a warranty for the devices?

Yes. We have a warranty for certain devices (AirPro, Water Filter Under Sink Drinking System, AM Dispenser, Fan Humidifier). Our warranty last for a year from date of purchase. 

If I receive a faulty device, can I refund?

If you received a faulty device, please contact our support team at support@leben.sg or WhatsApp us at +65 8776 0769. 


We will first try to fix the issue. If the device is confirmed to be faulty and fall within the warranty period, we can do a 1 to 1 exchange for this item. We will require you to send the faulty item back to us, and we will send a new set to you shortly.

Refill Inquiries

How can I refill WODE HOCl 20ml disinfectant spray?

You can purchase the 500ml refill pack and fill them into the 20ml spray bottle. Please check out the video guide below.




What are the modes of payment for your online store?

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Grabpay. We are working on increasing our payment methods.

Do you have an installment/ plan?

At the moment, you can pay with GrabPay Later. For credit card users, you may check with your bank that issue the credit card if they have such service.

Collection and Shipping

Do you allow walk-in collections?

Yes. You can self-collect your orders at our office. Our address is 81 Ubi Ave 4, #05-20, Singapore 408830. 

Shipping Policy

Once the payment is received, we will arrange to ship out your order within 1-3 working days and you should receive it within 3-6 working days after shipping. You will receive an email with the tracking number after the order is shipped. If the product is out of stock, we will inform you of the earliest estimated delivery date. Currently, WODE HOCl online stores only ship in Singapore.

Cancellation / Exchange / Refund Policy


Once your order is placed, we will begin the fulfillment process in the next 1-3 working days. After an order is fulfilled, we are unable to make any changes. However, if you have just placed your order and need to cancel it, please contact us at huifang@leben.sg and we will do our best to assist you. A gift code of your next purchase value will be issued and sent to your email for future purchase. The gift code will be valid for 1 year.


Please inspect your order upon receiving and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can rectify the mistake. However, we will not be liable for courier charges for exchanges. We hope you are happy with your WODE HOCl products. We will only accept a one time exchanges in cases of manufacturer's defect, damaged items or wrong items received. Please contact us at huifang@leben.sg within 7 days of the receipt date for exchange or replacement.

Refund Policy

We do not accept returns due to hygiene or safety reasons. In case of change of mind regarding WODE HOCl products, our store will issue a credit gift voucher of your net purchase value when your order is canceled. The credit gift code will be valid for 1 year.

Where else can I purchase WODE HOCl products?

Other than our website, you can also purchase WODE HOCl on Shopee or Lazada. Currently, we predominantly sell our products online. However, we do sell our products in physical stands at events like Mummy's Market. Follow our Instagram page to find us at events or pop-stores!

More Questions?

If you still cannot find answers to your questions, please contact us by filling the form below. We will try our best to help.

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