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WODE Baby Safe Antiseptic Wipes
Advanced Formulation for Gentle Protection: WODE Wipes are expertly crafted with the purest ingredients to ensure your baby's delicate skin is protected and cared for. Our key ingredients include reverse osmosis water and iodised salt, forming the base of our gentle yet effective antiseptic solution.

Powered by Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), Nature’s Antiseptic: The main active ingredient in our wipes is HOCl, a naturally occurring substance known for its potent antiseptic properties. HOCl is safe for even the most sensitive skin, offering robust germ-fighting capabilities without the harshness of traditional chemicals.

Hypoallergenic and Lab Tested: Specifically designed for sensitive skin, our wipes are hypoallergenic and have been rigorously tested by labs. They ensure safety and comfort for your baby, making them suitable for daily use. Our wipes has been tested and has been proven to be effective against some of the more common bacteria and viruses that babies may contract - such as impetigo. 

Soft and Non-Irritable Wipes: Committed to both your baby's comfort and health, WODE Wipes are made of nylon and cotton with dual textured wipes.

Convenient for Everyday Use: Our user-friendly packaging ensures that these wipes can be a staple in your daily routine, whether at home or on the go. Perfect for diaper changes, mealtime messes, or as a gentle antiseptic for minor skin abrasions.

Family-Friendly Solution: While crafted with babies in mind, WODE Wipes are suitable for all ages, as young as newborn. They provide a safe, effective cleaning and antiseptic solution for the entire family.

WODE Baby Safe Antiseptic Wipes are your trusted partner in providing the safest and most natural care for your baby's skin, ensuring cleanliness, comfort, and protection with every use.